Monday, 28 May 2012

Hy dear followers, today I'm starting my blog. I kinda feel so excited about it. Today was my Latvian exam. By the way, Latvian is my native language, but I speak English and Russian too. .
That's how I looked. I was wearing Terranova dress, ballerinas with flower print and my mums necklace from AVON.

There you can see how looked my necklace.
I dyed my nails with poppy- heads. This is a fake tattoo in my native language.

How do you like my hair color?Some time before I had red hair, but then I decided to dye them.If you want to know, how they looked before,let me know;)
This is my second fake tattoo.There is one popular Latvian writer full name .
With my friend Annija.

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